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We are suspecting our 3 year old daughter (with CF) possibly has allergies. We have a dog and want to purify the air of as much as possible. What is the best option for air purifiers? What is recommended by the CF clinic? 2/1/2012

A: There is no evidence that we can find  supporting use of an air purifier in CF.  It is recommended in those with allergies especially animal dander and dust mites.  There is discussion that it may be helpful, but no studies.  If an air purifier is used and has filters they should be changed in accordance with manufacturers recommendations.  There is strong evidence that humidifiers and vaporizers are not recommended since they can promote the growth of pseudomonas and other water based bacteria.

Q: “Hi, I will be traveling via air to Florida on vacation with the vest for the first time. Do you have any tips for me?” 5/9/2011

A: If you have the new smaller vest it can be taken as carry on with a note from clinic. If you have the larger, older vest it is best to contact the vest company in advance who can supply a packing box for the trip and they will insure it.