Active Board Members

The board is made up of but not limited to persons living with CF, parents of children afflicted with CF, and experts in the field of CF. Diversification is extremely important to gain the perspective of all those touched by the disease. The current board is made up of the following individuals:

John Anderson 

John works as a hedge fund accounting manager with Stone Coast Fund Services LLC and lives in Scarborough Maine. His daughter Gabriella was diagnosed with CF at 10 days old through Maine’s New Born Screening program. Both John and his wife were unaware they were carriers and there are no other known CF incidents in their family history. As a board member John is also a co-chair for corporate recruiting for the Great Strides Portland walk, and is active in fund raising through his Great Strides team “Gabriella’s Hope”. John and his wife Peggy hope to help find a cure for CF, not only for Gabbie but for all those suffering with CF.

Josh Beardsley
Picture of Josh

Josh lives everyday with passion and excitement. He was diagnosed when he was 6 years old with CF back in 1981. His wife Erin, daughter Lily, and son Aidan bring him hope and inspiration every day. He enjoys playing the drums, videography and photography. He hope to see people living with CF accomplish all of their personal goals and believes that exciting and amazing things are ahead in the CF community. Josh hopes that he can help others who are affected by CF, directly or indirectly through positive conversations about this disease.
Kristen Larochelle

Kristen is a senior at The University of Southern Maine, majoring in biology. After graduation Kristen hopes to engage in medical research. Kristen became a board member two years ago after hearing about us through CF Education Day. Exercise is very important to Kristen as she feels the benefits of exercise are tremendous to her CF. During her free time Kristen loves attending agility classes and playing with her dog, Austin. Kristen hopes to see a cure for CF although she will be happy with just having new medications available to help those with CF live longer lives.

Karen Jaroz

Karen Jarosz, R.N. works as the Adult Cystic Fibrosis Program Coordinator for Maine Medical Center at Chest Medicine Associates.  She has taken care of patients with CF since 1990 both in the inpatient and outpatient settings.  Karen lives in Brunswick with her husband and two sons but is originally from England.  Karen leads teamcma every year for the great strides walk in Portland, ran the first 65 roses 5K road race in 2010 and is active in fund raising through these events.  Hopes for the future include helping to find a cure for CF through her research coordinator responsibilities and fund raising, also to continue helping improve the quality of lives for CF patients and their families.

Susan Santomango
My name is Susan Santomango
. I am a Medical Claims Processor for Central Maine Medical Center.
I live in Sabattus, Maine with my husband Doug & three children.
Our 14 year old daughter Amber was diagnosed w/ CF at 3 months of age.
I have been a board member for 2+ years and have been active in fund raising for CF causes for 13 years.

Mellisa Martin

My name is Melissa Martin and I am a busy single mom of two.  My oldest, Taylor is 14 yrs old and has CF.  I also have a son, Steven who is 11yrs old.  I joined the Advisory Board in hopes of finding ways to get involved in the CF Community and helping others find their way through the challenges that we all face.

Mary Ellen Corrigan

Nurse practitioner in the pediatric CF center.  I am married with 3 children, the youngest is a freshman in college. I live in New Gloucester and have lived there since coming to Maine 25 years ago.  I have worked with the CF foundation as a coach in the Learning and Leadership colaborative with CF centers all over the country. I learn every day from the individuals with CF and their families.  After meeting others across the country I cam back to Maine with the idea of a family advisory board about 5 years ago and am thrilled with what the group has brought to our patients and families.

Russell Correia

Russell works as a social worker in the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital at Maine Medical Center.  He also works in the Adult and Pediatric CF Clinics and follows all patients in the hospital. He has over 20 years in working in the hospital and with cystic fibrosis.

Karen Zuckerman

Karen is an instructor at the University of Southern Maine School of Nursing, as well as mother of 3 sons and wife to husband, Jonathan. She moved to Falmouth,Maine in 1999 and has appreciated the family-friendliness, great food, and wonderful people of Maine.  Her interest in Cystic Fibrosis started when her husband began to specialize in it; her interest grew when she became friends with a CF family and the disease's impact was personalized.  Karen joined the CF Family Advisory Board because it provided a great opportunity to contribute to the CF community in an informal atmosphere and work with diverse, talented, and passionate individuals.

Patty Morris

I have an adult daughter with cystic fibrosis and have seen amazing advances in CF treatment over 24 years! The Family Advisory Board provides many ways to be involved. I am particularly interested in policy issues affecting people with cystic fibrosis, including bringing health insurance and other concerns to the attention of our elected officials. I would urge others to share their ideas for CF education, medical updates, addressing policy issues and other networking suggestions with the Board and to think about joining!

If you’d like to share your thoughts on insurance issues you are facing, or other issues you think our elected officials need to know about , feel free to contact me.

My disclaimer: I am not an expert on insurance or other issues, but rather a “CF Mom” who feels strongly about voicing our concerns.

-Patty Morris-

Ron Bailyn, MD

Ron is the stepfather of a young adult with CF.  He's a Portland based physician and volunteers in partnership with his wife, Patty Morris, to educate, raise funds and advocate for CF treatment and research.

Sarah Griffiths

Occupation: 1st Grade Teacher
Town and State where you live: Cumberland, ME
Association with CF: My daughter Mamie was diagnosed with CF through
the state of Maine’s newborn screening. We are encouraged by the
recent developments and treatments for CF and this fuels a desire to
become involved and educated as a board member and through
fundraising. It is my hope to see continued success in the progress
medicine and treatment for those affected with CF.