Happy Holidays From The CF Family Adisory Board!!

Regardless of what religious holiday you recognize this time of year it is about being with family and friends and the joys of the season. We have a lot to be thankful for and sometimes the things that frustrate us most may be the things that we should be most thankful for. A few that come to mind are:

Insurance – It at times can be hard to think of this as something to be thankful for given the constant denials, the paperwork, the appeals, and all the maintenance needed to keep your accounts current. However without it, it would be difficult for even the wealthiest families to afford the treatments associated with CF.

Treatments – Although the inhaled, oral, and chest percussion treatments might seem time consuming, expensive and frustrating they help keep the disease at bay and give a person with CF a better chance at a fuller and healthier life.

CF Clinic – Having to travel so often to the clinic may seem time consuming and a burden to our daily priorities and hectic lives, having a team of experienced and caring professionals monitoring your welling being is a blessing in itself.

Testing – Blood work, chest xrays, Sputum cultures? How evil can testing be? Early detection of issues is the best way to give a person a chance to be proactive with their treatment.

New Born ScreeningAlthough it is extremely hard to get the news that your child may have CF when you are smitten with this new bundle of joy, it’s important to remember that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Early detection and treatment are the keys to keeping your child happy and healthy.

Stay positive in 2011! There are many challenges to face now and in the future there is a lot to be thankful for. There is no one that says it best other then Pee-Wee and Charo, Feliz Navidad! (Enjoy)


The CF family Advisory Board hopes this finds you and your family happy, healthy and wishes you the best in the coming year.